Welcome to Midnight Owl Quilts   

My name is Susan, and I design quilts. I write patterns for many of them and teach classes of my patterns at local quilt shops. My vision is for others to make my designs into quilts (wall hangings, table runners, etc.) for themselves and others, and to get enjoyment from the process and the finished product. Typically my designs feature traditional quilt units in non-traditional settings. Several of my patterns/designs are not the same block repeated over the top of the quilt. I like overall designs and divide the design into “blocks” which are generally put together as if they were a 9-patch. I particularly like flying geese and half-square triangle units, but also use 4-patch units, 9-patch units, triangles in a square and quarter square triangle units. Many of the basic quilt block units were taken from historic design elements of past cultures. Their design possibilities were realized by their “inventors” and now we have a vast array of designs to incorporate into our quilts, with more being designed by quilters of today.


I am influenced by nature and architecture with the interplay of lines, curves and other geometric shapes. Another area of “play” is in colors, using the contrast of lights, mediums, and darks to emphasize a design or make it more subtle. Generally my designs have quite a few different fabrics in them, and also more piecing than some patterns or blocks, but to me it is worth the time to achieve the design I want with the interplay of lines, colors, and sometimes curves. Mostly I design pieced items, but I have also designed and made appliqué wall hangings. I haven’t written patterns for them at this time. 

Thanks to my mother who gave me a rotary cutter, ruler and mat for my birthday in about 1990, I began my quilting addiction. After making the traditional Nine-Patch and Log Cabin quilts, and other traditional quilt blocks as pillow covers for my daughters’ friends, I switched to designing my own projects in about 1994. Since then I have rarely been without graph paper on which I do my designs. I do have EQ6, but use it more for just playing around, like a computer game. Every so often I do draw a block I designed on the computer onto graph paper and have it more available to take with me and work on the pattern if I choose to do that, or to take it up to my sewing room/studio where I will just make it from the graph paper drawing. That is my normal mode of work.  One of these days I will use EQ6 more as it was intended. I like designing on graph paper as it is easy to take with me. The tables at Starbucks or other coffee houses are the right height for writing and/or drawing, so I sit, draw, and have a mocha! It is also convenient designing on graph paper when I am flying, waiting at doctors’ offices,  waiting for students to come in for extra help or when my students are taking tests. (I teach math part time at a community college.)

My main objective is to have fun, create something I like, and hope that others will like it too, either to make for themselves or someone else, or to buy my finished project.

Please have a look around my site to learn more about me and to view samples of my work. I welcome your inquiries and feedback.

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